Chevron to Seek Project Canary Certification of Select North American Upstream Means

Chevron to Seek Project Canary Certification of Select North American Upstream Means

Chevron Corporation (NYSE CVX) blazoned moment a airman design with Project Canary to singly certify functional and environmental performance in the company’s North American upstream region.
“ Chevron is concentrated on delivering dependable, lower carbon energy to a growing world. We aim to achieve this through invention, both in our operation of technology, and in our approach to how we design and run our operations,” said Steve Green, chairman, Chevron North America Exploration and Production. “ We ’re pleased to work with Project Canary to pilot an independent well- in- well instrument at five spots, enhancing our capability to demonstrate translucency in how we’re lowering methane emigrations in our operations.”

Project Canary, a charge- driven B-Corp, will use its comprehensive TrustWell ™ Instrument program to review and dissect aspects of the environmental and social performance of individual wells and installations in the Permian Basin of Texas and the DJ Basin of Colorado. Chevron will also emplace Canary X nonstop, pad- position methane emigrations covering units at select locales.
Further than 600 data points within 24 functional orders are included in a Project Canary TrustWell ™ analysis. Drivers who earn top rankings are determined by Project Canary to use the loftiest norms and practices across their operations.

The companies anticipate the TrustWell ™ instrument process to begin in the first half of 2022 and, grounded on conditions earned during the review process, anticipate being ready to deliver pukka Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG) to request bymid-2022.
“ Chevron is a leader in advancing results that deliver dependable energy and addressU.S. methane emigrations. We ’re thankful for the occasion to work our ESG technologies to help further advance their business precedences,” Chris Romer,co-founder and CEO of Project Canary, said. “ With our rigorous third- party review, measured performance and nonstop action, buyers can have confidence that Chevron is delivering responsible lower carbon energy.”

In 2020, Chevron’sU.S. onshore product methane intensity was 85 lower than theU.S. assiduity normal. The company continues to design, construct, and operate installations with an eye toward limiting fugitive emigrations. For illustration, it has reduced fugitive methane and unpredictable organic emulsion emigrations inU.S. onshore operations through leak discovery and form, low-/ no- emigrations curvaceous bias, and centralized product installations. The company is also expanding its methane discovery capabilities to identify the stylish openings to further lower emigrations.
About Chevron
Chevron is one of the world’s commanding intertwined energy companies. We believe affordable, dependable and ever-cleaner energy is essential to achieving a more prosperous and sustainable world. Chevron produces crude canvas and natural gas; manufactures transportation energies, lubricants, petrochemicals and complements; and develops technologies that enhance our business and the assiduity. We’re concentrated on lowering the carbon intensity in our operations and seeking to grow lower carbon businesses along with our traditional business lines. Further information about Chevron is available

About Project Canary
Project Canary delivers trusted and dependable, independent Energy ESG data. They’re the leaders in the instrument of responsible operations throughout the energy value chain and give dimension- grounded emigration biographies via nonstop monitoring technology. Their work helps identify the most responsible energy force chain drivers. Assaying further than 600 functional data points, TrustWell by Project Canary is the most comprehensive well- pad andmid-stream instrument program available. Project Canary is the honored emblem of high norms. Formed as a Public Benefit Corporation, Project Canary’s platoon of scientists, masterminds, and seasoned assiduity drivers have earned recognition for their exacting norms, including being named “ Stylish for the World 2021″B Corp. to learn further.