Brenmiller’s bGen ™ named as Preferred Solution for Spain- Grounded Cadiz Project Designed to Produce 29,000 Tons of Greene-Methanol Annually

Brenmiller EnergyLtd.(” Brenmiller”,” Brenmiller Energy ” or the “ Company ”)( Nasdaq BNRG), a global leader in thermal energy storehouse( “ TES ”), moment blazoned it has inked anon-binding Memorandum of Understanding( “ MOU ”) with SolWinHy CádizS.L, a special purpose company concertedly possessed by two European inventors of green energy systems, Green Enesys Group and Viridi shaft, to develop new- figure hydrogen ande-methanol systems. Brenmiller’s bGen is to give clean brume product and energy storehouse for SolWinHy Cadiz in Arcos de la Frontera, Spain( the “ SolWinHy Project ”).
This agreement follows a preliminarily executednon-binding memorandum of understanding in September 2022 which outlined plans to mutually conduct feasibility studies for integration of bGen into several new- figure green hydrogen ande-methanol product installations planned to be constructed in Europe. The SolWinHy Project’s end is to contribute to the decarbonization of the European Union’s artificial, power generation and transportation sectors.

Greene-methanol, a clean energy source, is produced from hydrogen that’s sourced from renewable electricity and captured biogenic carbon dioxide. The SolWinHy Project is being designed to produce over 29,000 tons of greene-methanol per time and will incorporate 54 MW of wind and 165 MWp of photovoltaic electricity product dissociated from the electrical grid, generating power simply from renewable energy with no impact on Spain’s public grid. The SolWinHy Project is anticipated to integrate bGen thermal energy storehouse capabilities with a capacity of at least 55 MWh.

Under the terms of the MOU, Brenmiller and SoWinHy CadizS.L will together finalize the front- end engineering and design phase, integrating bGen into the SolWinHy Project, as well other implicit new systems, as necessary. A final investment decision for the design is anticipated by the third quarter of 2024.

“ We’re pleased to see our original scowl with Green Enesys and Viridi come to consummation with this specific SolWinHy Project that has formerly completed the crucial feasibility and evidence- of- conception mileposts, ” stated Brenmiller’s Chairman and CEO, Avi Brenmiller. “ Greene-methanol has great eventuality to replace fossil energies in heavy carbon emitting diligence. We’re working diligently with our mates to complete the front- end engineering and design which will move us into the phase where Green Enesys and Viridi will lead the backing of the common design. ”

José Luis Morán, Green Enesys and Viridi’s Integrated Energy results director added, “ Brenmiller’s bGen is a proven result that we trust to produce clean brume24/7 at demand. We’re pleased to mate with Brenmiller’s devoted platoon of energy experts to make the SolWinHy Project and help the European Union achieve its clean energy pretensions. ”

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