berdrola is among the top ten women-friendly companies in the working world

Iberdrola is among the top ten women-friendly companies in the working world

Women regard for 23 of the Iberdrola pool. The thing for 2022 is to fill 25 of operation positions with women
By 2025, the target is to increase this to 30 and to maintain payment equivalency
. Iberdrola is among the top ten companies in the world when it comes to integrating women. This was the finding of the study World’s Top Womanish Friendly Companies 2021, for which Forbes banded with request exploration company Statista to identify leading companies that support women within and outside the plant.

Gender equivalency is among the commitments that Iberdrola includes in its labour policy and which, through different enterprise, it integrates into four areas of its operation, videlicet reclamation and selection, payment conditions, training and professional development, and communication.

Women regard for 23 of the Iberdrola pool. Significant advancements have formerly been achieved, but the end is to keep making progress until the company is an transnational equivalency standard.

By 2022, the company has set itself the thing of filling 25 of all operation positions with women-as opposed to the current21.53- reaching 30 by 2025, as well as maintaining payment equivalency.

Iberdrola has further than 70 measures to enable workers to balance their work and particular lives. As well as complying with the applicable regulations in its areas of influence, the company applies measures similar as paying 100 of payment during maternal leave, 15 days of paid leave before giving birth, flexible reduction in work hours to five hours (without a payment reduction until the child is one time old), leave of absence of over to four times-during which time vocational training is available-and comprehensive action plans to address inequality on all fronts.

The Iberdrola Group also has a long history of supporting systems to empower women. Supporting further than womanish athletes in several countries, the company is the main guarantor of nimrods in European sport.
Iberdrola is the top sports mate- guarantor of the Spanish National Women’s Football Team, the publicsub-19 andsub-17 brigades, the Queen’s Cup and First Division Women’s Football the Liga Iberdrola.

In 2019, it ratified its commitment to the design and is continuing to support several public coalitions. It presently supports 16 women’s sports coalitions calisthenics, badminton, handball, boxing, ice sports, fencing, football, slimnastics, hockey, karate, rugby, canoeing, triathlon, table tennis, probing and volleyball.
In Brazil, through Neoenergia, it was the first company in the country to be the exclusive guarantor of the National Women’s Football Team, support which extends to the Brazilian crown, which has now been renamed Brasileirão Feminino Neoenergia (Neoenergia Women’s Championship). The company helped the Brazilian women’s team to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games and will be there in the run-up to the Copa América Femenina 2022, the South American Grassroots Football Championship, the Women’s World Cup 2023 and the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.

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