Atlanta Gas Light launches crusade pressing its unique part in delivering safe and dependable service to guests

Atlanta Gas Light launches crusade pressing its unique part in delivering safe and dependable service to guests

Atlanta Gas Light moment blazoned the launch of a videotape crusade targeting natural gas guests in Georgia. In the state’s deregulated natural gas request, there are numerous crucial players, which can be confusing to guests as they engage with Atlanta Gas Light or one of Georgia’s 13 pukka natural gas Marketers. The videotape will show how Atlanta Gas Light and the Marketers work together to give the world- class natural gas service guests anticipate and earn.
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In Georgia’s natural gas request, Atlanta Gas Light owns, operates and maintains the natural gas structure including channels that transport natural gas to homes and businesses throughout the state. Atlanta Gas Light is also responsible for repairing damaged gas lines, decoupling and reconnecting service at the request of the Marketer, and helping guests renew their service in the doubtful event of an outage.
Guests have the option of choosing their natural gas provider, and that provider, or Marketer, manages billing and collections for each client. Guests communicate the Marketers directly to start or stop service and admit bills directly from those Marketers.

“We take great pride in our responsibility to give natural gas service to the communities we’re privileged to serve throughout Georgia,” said Pedro Cherry, chairman, and CEO of Atlanta Gas Light.”This videotape provides guests with an easy-to- understand overview of how our natural gas system works, and the important places Atlanta Gas Light and the Marketers play. When you see Atlanta Gas Light in neighborhoods across the state, know we’re working for you to give clean, safe, dependable and affordable natural gas to your homes and businesses.”
Guests can view the videotape on Atlanta Gas Light’s YouTube channel and online, contact one of Georgia’s 13 natural gas Marketers by visiting the Georgia Public Service Commission’s Pukka Marketer webpage, If your home has a natural gas cadence and you don’t have service.

Leaks, Odor or Extremities
Still, call 911 or the Atlanta Gas Light 24-hour exigency phone line at1-877-427-4321 from a safe position, If natural gas line is damaged accidentally or the distinctive rotten egg odor associated with natural gas is present. Don’t operate any ministry or outfit that might beget a spark or produce an open honey. Guests can learn more

About Atlanta Gas Light
Atlanta Gas Light is one of four natural gas distribution companies of Southern Company Gas, a wholly possessed attachment of Southern Company (NYSE SO). Atlanta Gas Light provides natural gas delivery service roughly1.7 million guests in Georgia. In operation since 1856, the company is one of the oldest pots in the state. For further information,
About Southern Company Gas
Southern Company Gas is a wholly possessed attachment of Atlanta- grounded Southern Company (NYSESO), America’s premier energy company. Southern Company Gas serves roughly4.3 million natural gas guests through its regulated distribution companies in four countries with roughly retail guests through its companies that request natural gas. Other businesses include investments in interstate channels and power and operation of natural gas storehouse installations. For further information,

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