Atlanta Gas Light announces expansion of LNG installation in Cherokee County

Atlanta Gas Light announces expansion of LNG installation in Cherokee County

Atlanta Gas Light moment blazoned the expansion of its refrigerated natural gas (LNG) installation in Cherokee County. The design will double the installation’s capacity and will allow the company to stay ahead of projected natural gas demands in this fast- growing region for times to come.

Expansion underway at Atlanta Gas Light’s Cherokee LNG installation

The design includes the installation of a alternate tank, which will allow Atlanta Gas Light to store gas when it’s most affordable and also have access to that force during ages of peak demand. Construction is presently underway and will be completed in phases over the coming three times.

“LNG storehouse is a precious asset for our system that affords us further inflexibility to meet the adding demand for natural gas from our guests,”says Atlanta Gas Light President and CEO Pedro Cherry.”The design helps insure our capability to give clean, safe, dependable and affordable natural gas to the communities we serve when demand is at its loftiest.”

Deiced natural gas is natural gas that has been cooled to a liquid state, at about-260 degrees Fahrenheit, for shipping and storehouse. The volume of natural gas in its liquid state is about 600 times lower than its volume in its gassy state in a natural gas channel. While stored as LNG, it’s returned to its gassy state, or regasified, for use by guests.

This installation is part of Atlanta Gas Light’s first ever Integrated Capacity Development Plan (i-CDP), which was approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission in November 2021. The i-CDP provides sapience into the company’s long- range plans for enterprise that will enable it to meet increased demand and deliver superior client service while continuing to serve the energy requirements of the state safely and reliably.

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