Anaergia Completes Strategic Investment Initiative

Anaergia Inc. (“Anaergia” or the “Company”) (TSX: ANRG), a global leader in renewable fuels, has successfully closed the third tranche of its strategic investment totaling C$40.8 million from Marny Investissement SA (“Marny”), facilitated through Marny Holdco Inc. (“Marny Holdco”), a wholly owned subsidiary. This latest tranche involved the issuance of 36,750,000 units of the Company (“Units”), generating gross proceeds of C$14.7 million. Each Unit comprises one subordinate voting share of Anaergia and 1/5 of a warrant to purchase a subordinate voting share at C$0.80 until February 2, 2027. In total, Marny Holdco received 102,000,000 Units under this strategic investment initiative.

The completion of this tranche coincided with the resumption of trading of the Subordinate Voting Shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) yesterday.

As part of the agreement, Dr. Andrew Benedek has converted the final-third of his multiple voting shares into subordinate voting shares on a one-for-one basis, aligning with Anaergia’s corporate governance principles upon the closing of this tranche. Dr. Andrew Benedek now holds approximately 19.5% of the voting rights attached to the Subordinate Voting Shares (non-diluted) and about 17.4% (partially diluted assuming full warrant exercise). Marny Holdco now commands approximately 60.9% of the voting rights attached to the Subordinate Voting Shares (non-diluted) and around 65.2% (partially diluted assuming full warrant exercise).

In conjunction with the strategic investment, Anaergia has committed to the TSX to reclassify the Subordinate Voting Shares as “common shares” and eliminate multiple voting shares from its authorized capital within 60 days from the closing of this tranche. Dr. Andrew Benedek has pledged to support this reclassification.

Simultaneously, Ohad Epschtein, representing Marny Holdco, has been appointed to Anaergia’s board of directors. With Marny’s significant stake in Anaergia, Mr. Epschtein assumes the role of chairman of the board, succeeding Dr. Andrew Benedek, who remains a director of the Company.

“I am delighted that Ohad and his team share my passion for Anaergia’s future growth and potential,” commented Andrew Benedek. “I am confident that Ohad is well-suited to lead the board forward,” he added.

“Andrew Benedek’s vision and leadership have established Anaergia as a technology leader in the global renewable biogas sector,” noted Ohad Epschtein. “We are excited about the Company’s prospects and thrilled to contribute to Anaergia’s journey ahead,” he added.

About Marny:
Marny is a Luxembourg-based holding company focused on global investment properties, leveraging advanced technology and materials in its build-own-operate projects and collaborating with market leaders to enhance investment value.

About Anaergia:
Anaergia was founded to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by converting organic waste into renewable natural gas, fertilizer, and water through proprietary technologies. With a proven track record in innovative projects, Anaergia offers comprehensive solutions to resource recovery challenges using diverse technologies and delivery methods. Anaergia stands out with a unique portfolio integrating solid waste processing, wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, RNG production, and organic residuals recovery, thereby promoting carbon-negative biogas, clean water, and natural fertilizer production while minimizing environmental impact and lowering costs.

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