Alexey Miller on Russia’s Long-Term Project Benefits

Gazprom is forging ahead confidently, focusing primarily on implementing large-scale priority projects that promise long-term benefits for Russia and millions of its citizens.

Our projects are strategically designed to align with the evolving dynamics of the global energy market. Projections indicate a 20% increase in global primary energy consumption by 2050, with natural gas anticipated to become the most sought-after energy source due to its efficiency, technological accessibility, and eco-friendliness. It is expected to constitute 26% or more of the global energy mix under various scenarios.

In Russia, natural gas plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth, industrial production, housing development, and enhancing quality of life. Gazprom is committed to expanding gas infrastructure across cities and rural areas, laying pipelines to 412 localities in 2023 alone, and steadily progressing towards achieving comprehensive gas grid coverage nationwide.

The expansion efforts are reflected in the execution of 874,000 contracts with individuals for household gas connections by the end of 2023, nearing a milestone of 1 million contracts today. This expansion aims to meet the growing demand for gas, as evidenced by record-breaking daily deliveries throughout Gazprom’s transmission network, both in winter and summer.

Internationally, China stands out as a key growth market for gas consumption, with Gazprom significantly boosting supplies via the Power of Siberia pipeline. By next year, these volumes are expected to reach the pipeline’s full capacity of 38 billion cubic meters per year. In 2023, Gazprom exceeded contractual obligations by supplying 700 million cubic meters of gas to China, setting new export records at the beginning of 2024.

Looking ahead, the Far Eastern route, with a capacity of 10 billion cubic meters per year, is set to launch in 2027, further solidifying Russia’s position as China’s leading gas supplier after reaching full capacity alongside Power of Siberia.

Additionally, Gazprom is enhancing energy cooperation with Central Asian countries, focusing on expanding transmission capacities to ensure reliable gas supplies. Notably, the company initiated reverse-flow gas supplies to Uzbekistan via the Central Asia – Center gas trunkline system in 2023.

Gazprom’s stability is underpinned by its vast production complex and the world’s largest resource base, replenished annually. In 2023, the company achieved reserve additions and launched new production facilities in key regions like Yamal, Eastern Siberia, and the Far East, while enhancing the capacity of its underground gas storage facilities to record levels.

Furthermore, Gazprom is advancing in gas processing with the operationalization of three production trains at the Amur Gas Processing Plant, with a fourth set to begin operations soon. Construction is progressing on the Gas Processing Complex near Ust-Luga, a project poised to rank among the world’s largest upon completion.

Beyond gas projects, Gazprom is actively modernizing existing power plants, constructing a new TPP in eastern Russia crucial for the Russian Railways network’s Eastern Polygon, and expanding production capacities in the oil sector.

These ambitious endeavors not only strengthen Russia’s energy and technological sovereignty but also stimulate job creation, contribute significantly to all levels of government budgets, and drive advancements in science, industry, and social sectors.

The projects underway today at Gazprom are shaping the future of our country, benefiting numerous generations of Russians to come.

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